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Refreshing and witty, comedian Al Caz is not your ordinary comic. Refraining from caricature or shtick that gets stale quickly, Caz is versatile in entertaining any audience.
A natural-born comic, Caz remembers parading around in his family’s living room at two years old performing imitations of Bugs Bunny. An inborn sense of quick wit emerged early, and by the time Caz was in kindergarten, he became the unofficial class clown. “I have always been quick-witted; I inherited this from my father.” Caz says. “Comedy and performing, making others laugh has always been a natural part of my life.”

While working as a floor person in craps and blackjack at the Tropicana in Atlantic City, Caz decided to give it a go in the casino’s employee talent show. Knowing that comedy is the most effective when it relates directly to the audience, Caz debuted his comedy act focusing on jokes about the casino business – and won the contest. He made such an impact that Harrah’s entertainment director, Paul Pavis, booked him immediately for several conventions. Since then, Caz has been regularly performing in various venues throughout Atlantic City, such as Claridge and Trump Marina, and most recently, the Borgata Hotel and Casino.
Caz has also taken his sharply cynical brand of comedy to Las Vegas-where he saw his name in lights on the marquee of the Riviera Hotel and Casino. “That was one of my goals, and it was a far cry from my first paid performance at the Fun House in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, on January 6th, 1990. “Ironically,” he adds in true Caz style, “It was the feast of the epiphany when I made an astounding $60.00!”
Through time and many bookings, Caz carved a niche performing roasts, a skill he developed from being a member of the esteemed Friars Club in New York. “I write material specifically targeted for an individual, whether it’s someone turning 40 or 80, or for the guy next door, or for a corporate CEO.”
Caz’s signature, while performing engagements is his spontaneous improvisational interactions with the crowd, drawing them into his world. “I blend stories about my Italian family and marriage, as well as expand about current issues, such as the war in Iraq. No matter the topic, I always inject my cynical point of view.”
But, the talented and innovative performer also wanted to expand his horizons beyond appearing on stage, and began freelance writing for such well-watched and iconic television shows such as “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno, “The Late Show” with Craig Kilborn, “Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update” with Colin Quinn, and Bill Maher’s “Politically Incorrect.” He has lent his incisive wit to other comics, notably Yakov Smirnoff, Jimmie Walker, and Caz’ own favorite, Richard Jeni.
Since 2000, Caz produces the Friars Club “A New Faces Of Comedy Showcase.” Caz is also generous with his comedic talent, and will entertain small parties and at local hot spots, in between major appearances. Al Caz is represented exclusively by Alpha Centauri Management in Old Bridge, NJ, and may be reached at (732) 583-4441.

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Alpha Centauri Management’s primary focus is to supply top comedic talent to the television and film industry. In the past decade we decided to branch out into the private sector supplying event planners, golf clubs, and small to mid size companies with the same top talent. A partial list includes:

Castle Rock Entertainment
Warner Brothers
Comedy Central
The Craig Killbourne Show
Late Nite with David Letterman
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
The New York Friars Club
Conan O’Brien
Tavistock Country Club
Cream Ridge Country Club
Essex Fells Country Club
Greater Philadelphia Association of Realtors
We also specialize in Roasts. We will customize a roast for any person or event. No party is too big or too small!!

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